Dj Khaled Shares His 6 “Major Keys” To Achieving Greatness

Dj Khaled recently interview with NME (New Musical Express) Magazine to share his 6 ‘Major Keys’ to achieving greatness. Who doesn’t want to know how he does it because I do. Here’s a recap of the interview:

1. Be Grateful

“I didn’t even have to think about it,” Khaled said when it came to naming his album title. “I’ve always been grateful for life, but now it’s something even more special. I thought I knew what love and joy was and then I met my son.”  Baby Asahd!

2. Understand You’re Never Too Young To Be A Mogul

Asahd grew up before the world’s eyes and has more than one million followers on his instagram account and it’s filled with pictures with stars like Rihanna and more. He’s already building his empire thanks to his Dad Dj Khaled. Start saving and building for your kids now, but let them still have a childhood please lol.

3. Party Like Diddy

Khaled always seems to be living the high life with nice cars, beach vacations, yacht parties etc. We can’t hate but maybe surrounding yourself with like mindedness is what he means by “Party Like Diddy”. Khaled said,“Puff Daddy is probably the most extravagant person who can throw a party besides myself…You know there’s gonna be good energy and he’s gonna go all-out. My advice for going to a Diddy party: stay fly at all times. Be fly and be great.”

4. Don’t Undersell Yourself

DJ Khaled definitely paved the way for DJs to do more than just spin music at parties. He’s more than just a DJ, he is an icon in his own right and has built a brand that embodies success, lavishness and great music with great artists. “When I work with artists, I try to bring the greatness out of them,” Khaled said. “They’re already great, but I want the greatest… I’m in Quincy Jones mode.”

5. Embrace Your Inner Meme

Apparently he live broadcasted himself lost at sea and since then has gained attention for his goofy, over the top character and inspirational words and is known as the ‘King of Snapchat, but he doesn’t mind.  “I’m just being great. Whether it’s my music, or a book, or my Snapchat, it’s going to be the greatest thing. I’ve been blessed to be who I am. I be myself and people embrace it.”

6. Respect The Boss

When it comes to working with artists like Jay Z, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj it’s easy to see why Khaled is the best because artists know whatever he is a part of turns to gold. But there’s just one artist who might give Khaled a run for his money and says make him nervous still. “I’m always starstruck around Beyoncé,” Khaled admits. “I have so much respect for her as a mother and as an artist. I watched her and Jay raise their beautiful daughter while on tour and still be a real family. I’m always quiet, shy and try not to do or say too much around her – because she’s the boss.”



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