Do you have a hidden talent? Here’s mine.

Have you ever started a job or a school where the trainer/teacher would ask you to tell the class something about you that no one might know? Well I’ve told people that I become a national DJ finalist and competed in Hollywood for a world title in DJing. The look from some people would be that of shock. But what I believe is most interesting, is when the question comes up about hidden talents?

I mean DJing is a craft that gets taught and built, but what is a talent that has always came naturally to you with out being trained? Since as far back as I can remember, I have always been good at impersonations. I remember getting a rise out of relatives and my own parents from mimicking someone or something. I used to call people from anonymous phone numbers and sound like someone I never was just to get a rise out of them! It may have been pretty mean, but I used to yell outside to kids with the voice of their parent and tell them “It’s time to eat!” or “Get your butt inside because you are in so much trouble!” LOL They would actually believe I was him or her!

It’s been awhile since I’ve imitated somebody so well that it threw someone off. Here’s a well kept secret that I’m about to expose. One time I snuck in the school office and told the children over the P.A. in our principle’s voice that there would be free ice cream coming to their class room if they made the most noise! It was pretty loud through the school and some kids knew who it really was, but never told. (Ahh the things we did as kids, or should I said what I did as a kid. LOL) As far as what school that was?? I PLEAD THE 5TH!!

Tell me about your have a hidden talent!

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