Ranking “Zoo’s” Best Songs


Russ’ 2017 debut, There’s Really A Wolf, catapulted to the top of streaming charts, but he was extremely vocal about the lack of support he’d gotten from traditional music media. Having thrived without it, the rapper and singer turns the lens inward for his sophomore album, walking listeners through the way his life has changed since. “It’s a really weird balance of living your dreams and all of these amazing things are happening,” he told Beats 1 host Zane Lowe, “but then some of the most negative things happened.” He goes into great detail about these things on his sophomore album ZOO.

Here’s my list from least flames to most flames. Song info provided by Genius.

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NO. 14 – “Our Time”

Russ weighs the pros and cons of a girl that he’s dealing with. Despite their obvious chemistry, the difference in their lifestyle and the circumstances under which they met make it hard for him to see her as a partner.

NO. 13 – “Outlaw”

NO. 12 – “Keep It Pushin” (Feat. Mahalia)

NO. 11 – “Kill Them All”

NO. 10 – “From A Distance”

Russ describes a relationship with a girl that he admires but cannot be with due to his lifestyle as a rapper. Always on the road, Russ’s fame prevents him from settling down and committing to a girl (a concept he also mentions in “Our Time” and “Missin You Crazy.”) The girl he describes has expectations of him that he cannot meet due to his focus on his career.

NO. 9 – “Last Forever” (Feat. Rick Ross & Snoop Dogg)

NO. 8 – “F**k That

NO. 7 – “Parkstone Drive”

An honest look into Russ’ family dynamic and how it has evolved with Russ’ increasing popularity, fame, and success. The track samples “Shape of My Heart” by Sting.

NO. 6 – “Keep My Wits

NO. 5 – “Voicemail”

NO. 4 – “Missin You Crazy”

NO. 3 – “Serious

Russ wants to become a better boyfriend but his girlfriend won’t take him seriously. He was distant to the girl because of how busy he was due to his touring and the girl had bad thoughts such as thinking that he would leave her behind for another girl.

NO. 2 – “Begging You”

NO. 1 – “The Flute Song”

The first single from Russ’ sophomore album ZOO. It marks yet another collaboration between Russ and producer Scott Storch, though it is their first collaboration that appears on an album.



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