This Song Will Always Remind Me Of My Junior Prom! Throwback Memory

I grew up here in Salt Lake City all my life. Except for the small two year window when I lived on the Navajo reservation in Newcomb, NM. It wasn’t the easiest transition, especially when most of the guys in my high school didn’t want to have anything to do with me. I must admit tho, the girls showed me so much love! I mean really, you don’t have to be the cutest guy when you have a whole load of personality!

The group of close friends that I did have lived near me in the teachers housing area. My mother taught at Newcomb Elementry School. So it was very tight knit. At that time I wasn’t sure who I wanted to ask to my first prom ever? I think mainly because where I went to school, everyone knew each other because it was so small compared to East High School here in the S.L.C. The struggle was finding a cool date that wouldn’t make a prior boyfriend jealous. I didn’t know who had history with who, and not knowing could stir up some un-welcomed DRAMA! Well one girl who seemed cool was Ira who was a couple years younger. But most importantly she was a great friend!

I remember the day of the prom we hung out with others in Farmington, NM. We decided to hang out at the mall (which was about an hour drive from our homes). Strolling the Sam Goody Hip Hop aisle, I remembered a cassette with a face on it. Yes, I said cassette, like what we called a tape back in the day. The face was that of the Good Doctor, AKA Dr Dre. His album was titled “The Chronic”.

Yes, CD’s were out at the time of coarse, but not too many had a CD player in the car. That was my dilemma, oh well tape it is. I remember that long ride home seemed like nothing with Dr Dre’s music filling my ride. “Nuthin’ But a G Thang” was probably on repeat at least five times (also the sound of the cassette deck rewinding filled the car too. LOL!) We had a great night and everytime I play this song in the club or on the air, it still takes me back to that fun filled day known as Newcomb High School Prom 93 !

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