Types Of Girls You See At The Club

Waddup yo!! It’s Dj Bangarang from the 9 O’Clock Block Party and Dirty 30 mix!

If you missed out last week, I posted about a blog about the types of dudes you see at clubs in Utah, click here to check it out!

Utah is a very diverse place in my eyes. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but there are beautiful women EVERYWHERE here. And maybe its just me, I feel like theres a lot of unnecessary competition between the women here in Utah. And if you don’t know what i’m talking about, there is no better place to spot this at your club or bar. Before you go out tonight, I want you to check this out this list of the types of women you’ll see this weekend!

The GoGo-If you who don’t know, a GoGo dancer is someone dances on stage more specifically at EDM events. Not hard to spot at all because she dances weird. This girl probably got kicked out of the local EDM promoter’s circle so she feels she has to GoGo dance everywhere to prove to herself she can do it. If there’s hip hop music, she’s dancing like a GoGo. If there’s country music, she finds a way to incorporate GoGo dance moves. She’s never really on beat unless theres Electronic Dance Music and even then, it’s still suspect.

The Ratchet-Ratchets are not hard to spot. They roll together and all look the same, really big hair and smell like a Sephora store. They will do anything to get onstage or get free AMF’s. Literally, these girls need all the attention. You can spot a Ratchet in one of two places. The first is at the bar obviously. The next is by security on stage trying to flirt her way into VIP booths. Stay away.

The “Don’t Dance With Me”– Can be considered ratchet but in most cases, she isn’t. These girls are your sugar mama’s. Independent enough to know they don’t need a man. Like ratchets, they roll in groups together. But unlike ratchets they aren’t starving for attention. You can find them near the back of the club drinking AMF’s talking about grown woman ish, dancing in a circle, and not dancing with you.

The DD-RUN. She’s angry because she’s not drinking with her friends. Not hard to miss. She’s drinking water and looks pissed or has Resting B***h Face.

The Cougar-My personal favorite. Why? Cougars don’t care. You there with your girl? Don’t matter she’ll make seductive faces at you all damn night. Usually hunts with another cougar and they look for younger guys who are either there alone or have low confidence. It’s said that they drink Red Wine to symbolize the blood of the young souls they’ve slain.

Well fellas, you’re now equipped to go out tonight!

Let me know what y’all think!!!

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