U92 Old School Throwback Jam artists that trigger funny memories! Remember when?

Music and memories go hand in hand. Don’t you love those memories that trigger from a certain song? I am looking forward to our U92 Old School Throwback Jam because all the artist have the same thing in common. THOSE CRAZY MEMORIES FROM BACK IN THE DAY! Here are my memories that spark when an artist from this show is mentioned or their song comes on. LOL

Salt N Pepa – DOOR KNOCKER EARRINGS! Remember when you heard the ‘clink clank’ sound coming down the halls of school? It was the sound of these golden wonders that Salt N Pepa made so popular. Shout out to those girls that dared to rock these Trunk Jewelry favorites! Beauty Is Pain.


Vanilla Ice – Man, one memory that triggers when hearing “Ice Ice Baby” was watching my girlfriend’s homegirl at the time doing the running man in the front room! This girl always tried so hard to copy the music video. Even to the point where she rocked the chrome shell toed shoes too. Sounds funny right? That’s not the funny part though. What’s hilarious is, she had some very BIG BOOBS! Talk about a memory that is implanted in my dome forever. I felt like I was gonna get slapped by my girl every time her friend got down! Hahaha give it up to adolescence!

Color Me Badd – Now try not to laugh too hard, but this was my jam! At the time this song was blasting all over radio, I was a sharp looking ladies man (Or so I thought). I was that kid with the broom stick singing to the mirror in my bedroom. Hey, I had to get it right! Come Mondays, girls always talked about that boy that would serenade to my slow dance partner. Hahaha What’s funny is I still do that this very day!


Rob Base – MY FIRST CONCERT EVER! It was 1988, and I begged my mom to buy me a ticket! I remember the next day after copping the single concert ticket, my boy Lonzo Liggins and I were walking the halls of Clayton Jr High showing off the prize! The concert held at the Utah State Fair grounds was wild! My cousins and I busting the Wop and Cabbage Patch dance front row! The main highlight had to have been when Rob Base brought my cousin Shannon on stage to dance! We still talk and laugh about that time once “It Takes Two” comes on.


Let’s trigger your memories! Get your U92 Old School Throwback Jam tickets today!

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