There is nothing like being introduced to a local brand or individuals that are chasing their dreams and bringing people up along the way. That’s exactly what David and Vale of DAVA are doing, and the best part is they are straight out of Utah County! DAVA is a premiere content creator and business supporter rather it be video editing or brand placement, DAVA is literally a one stop shop. One of the things that stuck out to me is the fact that they are working with culturally impacting individuals like Neil Degrees Tyson and Jake Paul. How exactly are they able to do this and how did they achieve a business revenue of 2 Million Dollars? Tune in and find out.


Q&A w/ David Ruvalcaba

Co-Founder & Marketing Director at Dava

(Q) Who and what is DAVA?

(A) Dava is the #1 Subscription Video Editing Service in the world. But most importantly, were a company for all creators. We go anywhere from providing creators with custom animated assets to managing and finding brand deals for creators of all sizes!

(Q) Working with individuals like Neil Degrass Tyson and Jake Paul, do you feel pressure to execute even above expectation?

(A) It’s definitely not pressure for those specific clients… it’s more so making sure that we have all the processes and having the right team in place to ensure they get exactly what we promise.

(Q) Where do you see DAVA in 5 years?

(A) In 5 years we will be the biggest creator company in the world. From video editing, graphic design and even social media management. We want to build Dava to be a place where all creators can go regardless of your size or where you are in your career path. We’re a creators company!

(Q) What does a team mean to DAVA?

(A) Having the right team is THE MOST important part for Dava! I cannot stress this enough, the only reason why we have built to be what we are today is because of our team! What we are trying to do is probably one of the hardest things you can do in this world… if you don’t have a team that’s passionate, hard working and caring, we will never achieve the things we aim to achieve as a company.



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