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Flo Milli Rocks The Cave with Kenny Beats

The Dynamic Duo Strikes

Flo Milli appeared on an episode of The Cave, hosted by the renowned producer Kenny Beats (“Whoa Kenny!”). The show, known for its spontaneous beat-making and freestyling sessions, has become a cult favorite among hip-hop enthusiasts. See why Flo Milli is the next big thing in rap music here.

Kenny “Don’t Overthink Shit” Beats extends an invitation to artists to demonstrate their quick thinking and rap skills. This particular episode followed the show’s usual format: Kenny Beats crafts a beat in roughly 10 minutes, during which the artist writes their lyrics. Then, without delay, the artist performs their freshly penned verses over the beat, showcasing the raw and immediate creative process.

Flo Milli, the Alabama rapper who’s been turning heads with her confident flow and sharp wit, stepped into The Cave with an energy that lit up the room. As Kenny cooked up a beat tailored to Flo Milli’s dynamic style, viewers could feel the synergy between the two. Flo Milli wasted no time, jumping on the beat with lines that showcased her unique blend of humor and assertiveness. Watch the performance below.

Flo Milli is coming off an impressive 2023. Last year, Flo Milli released “Never Lose Me” and “Fruit Loop” and announced her upcoming album, Fine Ho, Stay.

Freestyle Fireworks

As the beat dropped, Flo Milli delivered bars that reminded everyone why she’s considered one of the most promising talents in hip-hop today. Her ability to blend playful arrogance with catchy hooks is unmatched, making her verses both memorable and entertaining. Kenny Beats, nodding along, couldn’t help but smile at Flo Milli’s effortless delivery and charismatic presence.

The freestyle session offers a glimpse into the creative process of two artists at the top of their game. Kenny’s beat provided the perfect backdrop for Flo Milli’s storytelling, allowing her to weave tales of success, self-assurance, and ambition. The chemistry between the artist and producer was palpable, turning the session into a highlight reel of impromptu hip-hop excellence.


Flo Milli and Kenny Beats: The “Roaring 20s” Collaboration

Before their memorable encounter on The Cave, Flo Milli and Kenny Beats teamed up for  “Roaring 20s.” Produced by Kenny Beats, “Roaring 20s” samples the iconic “If I Were A Rich Man” from the musical Fiddler on the Roof, reimagined to fit Flo Milli’s vibrant and unapologetic style.

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