Janelle Monáe Boldly Embraces Authenticity Amidst Thirst Tweets

Janelle Monae

Janelle Monáe’s Fearless Journey of Self-Expression

Janelle Monáe, the renowned r&b and pop artist, has consistently showcased her genuine self, occasionally surprising some of her fans.

During a recent interaction with Buzzfeed, Monáe was presented with “thirst tweets” from her admirers. One particularly audacious tweet caught her attention: “I wanna lick Janelle Monáe’s armpits.” With a playful spirit, Monáe responded by lifting her arms, saying, “Who are you? Where are you? Come and get them!” as she proudly displayed her natural self. Watch the full “Thirst Tweet” video below:

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A Glimpse into Monáe’s Journey of Self-Expression

Her unique style and fearless self-expression have marked Monáe’s journey in the music industry. Her performances often reflect her commitment to authenticity. At the Essence Festival in New Orleans this past June, Monáe made headlines by briefly exposing her right breast during her act. The festival’s official Twitter account celebrated the moment, stating, “YOU CANNOT POLICE @JanelleMonae.” However, not everyone shared the sentiment. One user commented on the bold move as being “Unnecessary on so many levels and for so many reasons.”

Veteran rapper Luther Luke Campbell, popularly known as Uncle Luke, questioned Monáe’s recent actions, hinting at a possible “midlife crisis.” However, Monáe remains unfazed by such remarks.

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Monáe’s Perspective on Liberation and Freedom

Janelle spoke candidly with Rolling Stone. Monáe opened up about her latest album, The Age Of Pleasure. She emphasized her journey into a phase of sexual liberation and freedom. The artist also addressed the mixed reactions she received after revealing her breasts during an event for her single and music video, “Lipstick Lover.” Monáe confidently stated, “I’m much happier when my titties are out and I can run around free.” “Waterslide” also features a NSFW video.

Despite the occasional criticism, Monáe continues to thrive, staying true to herself and her artistry. Janelle Monae will perform in Salt Lake City in September. 

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