Restroom Warning | Jet Air Hand Dryers Spread Germs

But they’re environmentally friendly…

I’ve personally never like the Dyson dB hand dryer, just because it grossed me out. I’d watch it blow around old water from another person’s hands that seemed to go on mine, and who knows if they properly washed their hands. If I have the option between a paper towel or a hand dryer, I always go the paper towel route. It seems I’ve been making the right choice too.

Scientists say that hand dryers might actually be spreading germs around public restrooms. Researchers say the problem is that hand dryers blow bacteria around, where it can end up contaminating other areas of the bathroom. The problem stems from many things, but poor hand washing is a big factor. Most people don’t wash their hands which is gross enough, but the people that basically rinse them in water and then use the air dryer and instantly blowing the germs off of their hands and spreading it around the entire bathroom.

Imagine these shreds as germs, and look at what happens to them.


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In fact, a study published in 2016 in The Journal of Applied Microbiology found that jet air dryers contaminated the surrounding area with 1,300 times as many viral particles as a paper towel would. Standard hand dryers (those that simply blow warm air) spread far fewer particles, but still 60 times as many as a paper towel. That can be a major problem for people with weakened immune systems, which is why scientists are advising hospitals to move away from hand dryers.

Do you prefer jet dryers or paper towels?



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