Swizz Beatz: Paving the Way for a New DMX Album

DMX album by Swizz Beatz
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Swizz Beatz’s Revelation: A New DMX Album in the Making?

Swizz Beatz recently dropped a bombshell. He has enough unreleased DMX tracks to create a brand-new album. Swizz, known as Kasseem Dean, has been a major influencer in hip-hop. He’s worked with big names like Jay-Z and Kanye West. His connection with DMX goes deep, both professionally and personally.

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Swizz shared his thoughts with HipHopDX, “We have other songs. Can we make a new X album? For sure. Will I make another X album? I don’t know. It has to feel good.” This statement shows his dedication to keeping DMX’s music true to its roots.

DMX’s Artistic Shift: A New Direction

Swizz highlighted DMX’s hands-on role in his last album, Exodus. DMX, born Earl Simmons, was a force in hip-hop. His albums like It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot made waves. Swizz pointed out, “Exodus, he actually produced and had all of the direction. A lot of people wanted to see X go harder, stronger — they even blamed me for it. But it’s actually what he wanted to do.”

He further explained DMX’s change in style. “He was like, ‘Yo, I don’t wanna shoot up and kill everybody in a verse — that’s not what I’m doing.’ He was preparing to go to the next level and do TV shows, and he was preparing to graduate his brand.” This shift showed DMX’s evolution, moving away from his earlier aggressive themes.

Swizz added, “And so this is why he refrained from doing a bunch of aggressive songs […] It was just a different vibe. This is the music that X really listened to that people don’t know. They think he was just listening to ‘shoot ’em up, bang, bang’ music all day.”

The Prospect of a New DMX Album

The idea of a new DMX album sparks curiosity. How will Swizz Beatz handle this task? Will he capture the essence of DMX’s evolving artistry? Fans and critics are watching closely, eager to see the next chapter in DMX’s musical journey.

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