420 Check-in with the Executive Director of Utah’s Cannabis Association | FULL INTERVIEW

I’m always thankful for where music has led me. Being a DJ by trade first, I’ve done countless events which have led to many friendships made. I met Molly E. Davis randomly at an event we were working up in Park City and by the end of it we became Insta-friends. As much as we give social media crap for capably being unhealthy for us I am thankful for the fact that when used right you can discover who people are and what they are about. Molly is definitely one of those friends I can honestly say I’ve been blown away by who she is, and what she represents.

A quick glance at her website gives you a sense of this. As a policy analyst at Libertas Institute their goal is to advance liberty for all individuals. That’s day job part 1. Molly is also a writer who exposes policy issues that are in need of public attention and reform. She has articles published nationally including the Salt Lake Tribune, Wired Magazine, The Hill and Washington Examiner to name a few. I’ve seen her speaking up for the rights of others on various news platforms across the country. She can be found “up on the hill” on a daily basis.

But as you’ll hear in the full interview part 2 (or would that be 3 at this point… either way) she also has recently become the Executive Director of Utah’s Cannabis Association. So naturally I DM’d her last month on the announcement on her IG page and asked if she’d call in for the April 20th Edition of The Morning Roll Out and I’m happy to say Molly never forgets. Hear our LIVE catch up from this morning in full below, and get to know my friend Mollz. You’re a REAL ONE Molly!

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