Breeding Dogs And Recording Recordings: Interview w/ ZaZilla


ZaZilla is a VIBE!

In the latest episode of ‘Rawk The Mic,’ the dynamic Drerawka sat down with the incredibly talented musical artist, ZaZilla, for an insightful journey through his music career and beyond. The episode covered a spectrum of topics, from the release of his new single “Oh My” featuring That Mexican OT, finding balance in fatherhood while pursuing a musical career, to his unexpected passion for breeding French bulldogs and his take on Utah’s (kind of?) thriving music scene.

Crafting Sonic Waves

ZaZilla’s music career is a kaleidoscope of influences, emotions, and raw talent. In the show, he delved into the roots of his musical journey, sharing anecdotes from his early days and shedding light on the artistic evolution that led to his current sound. ZaZilla’s passion for music is infectious, leaving listeners eager to explore his discography.

“Oh My”: Harmonies with That Mexican OT

The episode took an exciting turn with the discussion of ZaZilla’s latest single, “Oh My,” featuring the dynamic That Mexican OT. ZaZilla provided insights into the creative process behind the track, the collaboration dynamics, and the emotions he aimed to convey through the music. “Oh My” is not just a song; it’s a testament to ZaZilla’s ability to give the people a vibe.  ZaZilla opened up about the challenges and joys of balancing fatherhood with his musical pursuits. Navigating the demands of a music career while being a dedicated father is a delicate dance, and ZaZilla shared his experiences, offering a glimpse into the intricate tapestry of his life.

French Bulldogs and Musical Endeavors

In a surprising twist, listeners discovered ZaZilla’s unexpected passion for breeding French Bulldogs. Beyond the music, he shared his love for these charming dogs and how this unique trade adds color to his life. The juxtaposition of his musical endeavors and canine companionship paints a vivid picture of ZaZilla’s multifaceted lifestyle.  As a prominent figure in Utah’s music scene, ZaZilla provided valuable insights into the state of the industry. From emerging talents to the challenges artists face, his take on Utah’s musical landscape offered a unique perspective and highlighted the vibrant diversity within the local scene.

In ‘Rawk The Mic’ with Drerawka and ZaZilla, we were treated to more than just a musical dialogue. ZaZilla’s journey is a testament to the idea that an artist’s life extends far beyond the studio. From the harmonies of “Oh My” to the delicate balancing act of fatherhood and music, breeding French Bulldogs, and insights into Utah’s music scene, ZaZilla’s story is a symphony of passion, creativity, and a love for life in all its beautiful complexities. As we await more chapters in his musical odyssey, one thing is clear – ZaZilla is an artist who continues to redefine what it means to rock the mic.

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