Drinking games for couples, Cinco De Mayo style! Couples, You dare?

Here are fun and cheap drinking games to do with your partner. Especially since most want to party for the yearly Cinco De Mayo Celebration. What’s awesome is, I just made these up! LOL

– “Paper Rock Scissors Olé!”
The beauty of this game is no one can cheat!

– “Tic Tac Tore Up” Classic battle of Tic Tac Toe between two lovers. Now this may take a while to catch a buzz, but I guess it depends on who’s I.Q. is weaker.

– “Spin The Corona Bottle”
This may take two couples to make it fun. Since this is not a kissing game, no worries about your partner getting kissed by the homie.

– “Super Staring Contest”
You know the game, just a new level. First to close their eyes takes a shot. Can you imagine the stares after a few??? LOL

– “Tickel Me Ese!”
YOU KNOW THE DEAL! First to LOL looses and takes a drink.

* Have fun and drink responsibly. Always have a designated driver. *

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