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Janelle Monáe and Prince | The Symbiotic Relationship

Janelle Monáe and Prince
Janelle Monáe and Prince | Talmage Garn

Janelle Monáe and Prince: The Echoes of a Purple Legacy

Prince’s Purple Touch on Dirty Computer

The album Dirty Computer by Janelle Monáe has a tangible connection to the legendary Prince. As highlighted by Pitchfork, Monáe disclosed that Prince was not just a bystander but an active participant in the album’s creation. He was instrumental in developing the sounds and even worked on the album with her before his untimely departure. This Janelle Monáe and Prince collaboration is particularly noticeable in Monáe’s single “Make Me Feel,” which resembles Prince’s distinctive style. Prince’s DJ, Lenka Paris, further substantiated this by revealing that Prince provided Monáe with a synth line he composed years ago, which was ultimately incorporated into “Make Me Feel.” Let’s explore the relationship between Prince and Janelle Monáe.

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The Impact of Janelle Monáe and Prince on Dirty Computer

The influence of Prince on Dirty Computer extends beyond his direct contributions. In a conversation with OK Player, Monáe discussed how America’s prevailing political and social climate shaped the album. She voiced her anger and disappointment about feeling marginalized by the country’s leadership. This inspired her to craft an album for all the “dirty computers” of the world, those told they must rectify themselves. This sentiment echoes Prince’s own philosophy towards music and life, where he championed individuality and self-expression.

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The Prince Influence on Make Me Feel

One of the most notable tracks showcasing Prince’s influence on Janelle Monáe’s music is “Make Me Feel” from her album Dirty Computer. The song is a vibrant, electric blend of pop and funk that echoes the unique style of Prince. The synth line, a direct contribution from Prince himself, is a defining feature of the track. It’s a pulsating, rhythmic element that adds a layer of complexity and depth to the song, reminiscent of Prince’s own multi-layered compositions.

The aesthetic of “Make Me Feel” also bears the unmistakable mark of Prince. The song’s music video is a kaleidoscope of bold colors and fluid movements, a visual feast that mirrors Prince’s flamboyant androgynous style. Like Prince’s performances, the video challenges traditional gender norms and celebrates individuality and self-expression.



The Echo of Prince in Other Tracks

For instance, the “Django Jane” track showcases Monáe’s ability to blend genres. The song is a powerful mix of rap and R&B, with a strong, empowering message. The boldness and confidence of the track, both in its sound and lyrics, reflect the influence of Prince, who was known for his fearless approach to music and willingness to push boundaries.

In conclusion, the influence of Prince on Janelle Monáe’s music is profound and far-reaching. Prince’s impact is evident from specific tracks like “Make Me Feel” to the overall sound and aesthetic of Dirty Computer. His mentorship and collaboration with Monáe have resulted in a body of work that is a fitting tribute to his legacy while also showcasing Monáe’s own unique talent and vision.

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Life Lessons from Prince to Janelle Monáe

Overcoming Nerves: The Janelle Monáe and Prince Approach

Prince was more than just a musical mentor to Monáe; he was a guide in life. In a dialogue with People.com, Monáe shared a valuable lesson she gleaned from Prince about overcoming nerves. When they were anxious or jittery, Prince advised his band to “cut it down in half.” Monáe has applied this advice to her life, slowing down when things become overwhelming.

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