Lil Wayne Credits Jay-Z for Pen-Free Raps

Lil Wayne influenced by Jay-Z
Lil Wayne | Talmage Garn

Lil Wayne and His Pen-Free Epiphany

In a recent interview on a podcast, acclaimed rapper Lil Wayne revealed that Jay-Z inspired him to abandon the traditional practice of writing lyrics with pen and paper. Recounting when he made this pivotal decision, Wayne shared his admiration for legendary artists like Biggie and Jadakiss but emphasized that Jay-Z truly captivated him. He vividly recalled the impact of hearing that Jay-Z no longer relied on pen and paper to craft his rhymes, stating, “The moment I heard it, I stopped. You could ask my boy. ‘I heard that n**ga JAY-Z don’t write no more.'”

Shredding the Notebook: Wayne’s Creative Breakthrough

Reflecting on this revelation, Lil Wayne highlighted a studio session where he freestyled “10,000 Bars.” The legendary 30+ minute freestyle marked the beginning of Mixtape Weezy. During this creative process, Wayne consciously chose to freestyle without relying on written lyrics. In a symbolic gesture, he discarded his notebook, casting it into the trash, and never looked back. You can hear paper crumpling at the start of the song. From that point forward, Lil Wayne embraced a pen-free approach to his craft, embracing the spontaneous, free-flowing style Jay-Z had become renowned for. Listen below:

Background Information on Both Artists

Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., is a highly influential American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, Wayne began his music career at a young age and achieved mainstream success with his classic album Tha Carter III, which received critical acclaim and numerous awards.

Jay-Z, born Shawn Corey Carter, is an iconic figure in hip-hop. With a career spanning several decades, Jay-Z has established himself as one of the genre’s most successful and respected artists. He has released numerous critically acclaimed albums, including The Blueprint, The Black Album, and 4:44, showcasing his lyrical prowess and storytelling abilities. Renowned for his entrepreneurial ventures and social activism, Jay-Z has transcended the realm of music, leaving an enduring legacy.

Discussion: Lil Wayne vs. Jay-Z in a Verzuz Battle

Now that Lil Wayne has acknowledged Jay-Z’s profound influence on his artistic process, it raises an intriguing question: Who would prevail in a Verzuz battle between the two rap titans?

Considering their respective catalogs, both artists boast an impressive array of hits and lyrical masterpieces. Lil Wayne’s discography is replete with chart-topping albums, such as Tha Carter II, Tha Carter IV, and Tha Carter V, not to mention his myriad classic mixtapes. On the other hand, Jay-Z’s iconic albums, including Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint, and The Black Album, have solidified his status as a true hip-hop legend.

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