Nikki Rae’s Staycation: Crystal Hot Springs

Go easy on me, I’ve never been “camping”. Like outdoors in an actual tent, with a fire and all that. I grew up in a city so camping and outdoors stuff never was a part of my life growing up. I lived at the beach but sleeping in a tent, not showering, and possibly getting attacked by a bear never really appealed to me, lol.

That all changed when I moved to Utah. Although I miss the ocean terribly, the scenery and beauty in Utah really moved me to want to explore nature here. Since I had never been camping, I needed my first time to be somewhat civilized and not too far away from the town. Enter Crystal Hot Springs.

I loved the idea of the mineral springs, there’s a place back home that I have frequented throughout my life that love and they have mineral springs so Crystal Hot Springs seemed like a perfect fit. Plus, they have clean campsites and its not in the middle of nowhere so I felt like I would be totally OK.

Luckily my boyfriend had experience in camping. He is very proud of his “Eagle Scout” status, and seriously the whole time I teased him about it… until it was time to set up the tent and start the fire.

It was FREEZING that night and I was about to change my mind because I did not think I would be able to handle it lol. But with all the blankets and fire we were totally fine. The springs were so much fun, although kinda packed which didn’t allow for much privacy or even “personal space”. But for the price, we had a great time.

Check out my vlog experience and let me know where I should check out next!

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