Royce Da 5’9″ Blasts Critics of Eminem’s BET Cypher

Did Eminem’s Freestyle show white male superiority?

It’s been a minute since Eminem dropped his Trump freestyle “The Storm,” and despite receiving much praise, he’s also received a decent amount of criticism for it. While at first glance many praised the rap legend for his words, delivery and overall stance on the president, others went ahead and said it wasn’t his best work. A number of critics weighed in on the technical side of Eminem’s performance, but that’s not the issue here. The big issue that has recently developed is the image portrayed in the video.

Look, it’s clear that many people of all races stand against Donald Trump, but did Eminem’s freestyle and status as a white rapper open the door to a racial discourse? Some people assumed it did. Instead of focusing on the lyrical content, critics felt a certain type of way about how Eminem stood at the forefront while his dominantly black entourage remained in the background.

As a white male myself, I get why people could have an issue with this. Was it necessary to have a white rapper spit a freestyle when you had the likes of Royce da 5’9″ (who was in the background) of whom could’ve easily done something similar?

Well, let’s leave it to Royce (longtime friend of Eminem) to address the controversy on Instagram.


To me, Royce is one of the most talented lyricists and based off this Instagram video, one of the most loyal friends. I echo his same thoughts.

His upcoming album The Book Of Ryan has yet to land a release date so it might be a while until we can really dive into Royce’s thoughts on Trump, but like he said, his past albums will give you a glimpse of where he stands.

Royce isn’t the only notable rapper to defend Eminem. Redman also fired back at those who criticized Eminem’s technicality of the freestyle.

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