Single father and the chubby kid


Growing up I’ve always been a heavy kid.  Some of it comes from being a kid raised in poverty, now some of you may say, poverty shouldn’t make you heavy it should starve you and make you skinny.  While for some that is true, for me it wasn’t.  My dad never missed a meal for me, breakfast, lunch and dinner were always there.

The bad part was that I would have to eat all my meal, every single piece.  The portions my father would make were huge because he felt like it may be our last so he would make sure that I was full.  Me being a kid it made me think that I had to clean my plate every meal, every time.  So even when I felt full and could call it quits on grubbing, I still ate.

For many this is a struggle, a struggle I think we can overcome.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be telling you more and more about this weight loss journey and maybe you’ll get inspired or motivated to do something for yourself.

with love,

@Drerawka @WeightDownCreditUp


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