Ice Cube

Ever since I was a little kid Ice Cube was always in the house.  I remember seeing Cubes “AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted” album (cassette tape) on the seat of my dads ugly old rusted Subaru.  What always stood out to me about that album was the look on Ice Cubes face.  When you think about Hip Hop Culture and you think,  great music with a solid message and that’s what O’Shea Jackson SR (Ice Cube) has been doing for the past 20+ years!

Rather it be his hard hitting records like “Why We Thugs” or his light fun records like “Drop Girl” ft. Redfoo and 2Chainz, Cube is an artist that isn’t afraid to be him at all times.  This is also true for the films that Cube has been in as well.  The first movie I ever seen Ice Cube in was a 1995 film called ‘Higher Learning’ starring Omar Epps, Laurence Fishburne, Tyra Banks and a plethora of other stars.  This Drama really touched on racism within America and as a child I learned that hate comes from either misunderstandings or the lack of wanting to understand the next person.  There is a lot to unpack when it comes to that topic and I know you didn’t come here for that lol.  The next film I remember from Cube was Friday!  Another 1995 film except this one was no Drama, rather an American Comedy treasure!

So, when Erockalypze gave me the word that I would be leading the Ice Cube Interview it was only natural that my stomach turned and my face got hot, the pressure was on.  I never get nervous when talking with, well, anyone, but when I started to think about the career and person that O’Shea “Ice Cube” Jackson is, I got excited, not nervous but excited.  I finally got the opportunity to talk to him about music, life, influences and the future.  Obviously there are hundreds of other questions I would have loved to ask him but I didn’t want to take up his whole morning.  What question would you ask Cube if you had the chance?

Artist: Ice Cube

Host: DreRawka

Radio Show: Unrestricted w/ Drerawka 3PM-7PM | M-F

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