Weekly Beatdown | 5/15/23 | Week in Review

Weekly Beatdown
Weekly Beatdown | Talmage Garn


This Week at 92.5 The Beat: Beats, Love, and WWE Face-Offs

Hello, Beat Listeners!

Strap yourselves in and prepare for another wild ride through the world of hip-hop and RnB. We’ve got a cornucopia of killer stories to share from 92.5 The Beat.

High Rollers of the Concert World

First up, grab your glow sticks and secure your band merchandise. We’re taking you on a time travel expedition through the most lucrative concert tours ever. From Queen Bey to Rocketman, we’ve got a spectacular list that will leave you shaken. Elton John and Beyoncé have been making it rain for years, and we have the stats to prove it.

A Mother’s Day Treat from Killer Mike

Moving on, what’s better than one Killer Mike video? You guessed it—two Killer Mike videos! So this Mother’s Day, our man decided to release not one, but two new videos. Because nothing says “I love you, Mom” like a double dose of hip-hop.

Utah is Feeling the Love

Speaking of love, Utah is overflowing with it! Utah Pride starts in June, and we have a pride-filled report just for you. 

When Rap and Wrestling Collide

Now, let’s detour into the bizarre world where rap meets wrestling. You heard it right, folks! Our queens, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, were called out by WWE’s finest. We can’t wait to see this lyrical smackdown!

The Best of 50 Cent

Fiddy fans, we still remember you. We’ve collated the best 50 Cent songs to make you want to “Get Up” and dance. So get your G-Unit gear on and join us for a 50 Cent appreciation session. And we are also giving away tickets to his upcoming Salt Lake City concert.

All You Need is RnB Love

Lastly, we’ve compiled a playlist of the top RnB romantic hits for our hopeless romantics. Whether in love or nursing a broken heart, these songs will hit you right in the feels.

And that’s it for this week, folks! So keep your radios tuned to 92.5 The Beat for the freshest in hip hop and RnB.

Remember: the beat doesn’t stop, so neither should you!

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Weekly Beat Around the Bush: Bringing the Buzz from the Airwaves to Your Screen!

Howdy, fellow sound seekers! Brace yourselves for an aural treat as we unpack the latest updates from the radio universe. From monumental band reunions to gaming quickies, heart-rending song lists, and even tranquil retreats, we’re serving up the hottest off-the-dial dish!

Showering Your Mom with Love, Without Showering Her in Bills!

Though Mother’s Day has come and gone, it’s never too late to make your mom feel like the queen she is. Five free and easy ways to impress your mom on any day? Sign us up!

Achieve Gaming Glory in Under 3 Hours!

Tired of video game sagas that seem to drag on longer than a director’s cut of a Peter Jackson film? Here are 15 video games you can conquer in less than three hours. Game on!

Frankie Goes to Hollywood: The Boys Are Back in Town!

Frankie Goes to Hollywood, the band more elusive than a unicorn at a disco, is back together after 36 years! Don’t believe us? Catch the original members in action and see for yourself!

The Cure for Your Melancholy: Top Songs List

If you’ve got a love cats-sized hole in your heart for The Cure, we’ve got just the tonic. So dive into the best songs of The Cure and prepare to swoon.

Prince’s Purple Rain of Hits!

Are you ready to dive into a purple haze of Prince’s best tunes? Here’s the ultimate list that will make you party like it’s 1999!

The Tranquil Charm of Sugarhouse Lake

Need a breather from the bass drops and guitar solos? Let’s take a scenic detour to Sugarhouse Lake. We promise it’s as sweet as it sounds!

Country Fests’ Surprise: Kenny Chesney Steps In!

Kenny Chesney has stepped in for Morgan Wallen at two country music festivals in a juicier twist than a Nashville hot chicken. Yeehaw!

Dolly Parton’s Favorite Duet Partner: Chris Stapleton!

This just in, Chris Stapleton was surprised to be named Dolly Parton’s favorite duet partner. Of course, we’d be surprised too, Chris!

The NFL Goes Global

The NFL has unveiled its 2023 international games schedule, proving that the sport is as universal as a love for pizza.

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