50 Cent Confesses: The Track He Regrets from His Iconic Debut

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50 Cent: Get Rich or Die Tryin’ Remorse

50 Cent recently opened up about his debut album, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, revealing his least favorite track during an Apple Music 1 interview.

He shared, “‘Many Men’ was my least favorite at that point because, musically we was in the boom-bap phase.” This phase, significant in hip-hop history, was known for its dynamic, fast-paced rhythms. He added, “We was in that hard-hitting intensity, the energy on the records, and it’s the slowest song on Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. And it’s now the tempo that the artists are rapping to.” Listen to the song below:

Get Rich or Die Tryin’ 

Released in 2003, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ marked a pivotal moment in 50 Cent’s career, solidifying his place in hip-hop. The album, produced by legends Dr. Dre and Eminem, featured a blend of hard-hitting and melodic tracks. To delve into the album’s legacy and standout songs, including “In Da Club” and “21 Questions”, visit Get Rich or Die: Ranking – A 20th Anniversary Tribute to 50 Cent’s Debut Album.

“Many Men” contrasts with the album’s dominant energetic beats, offering a slower tempo. Interestingly, this track has grown in popularity over the years despite being the artist’s least favorite at the time. For more insights into 50 Cent’s most renowned songs, Best 50 Cent Songs provides a comprehensive look.

This interview sheds light on 50 Cent’s perspective of his work, revealing how artists’ views can change over time. His career, marked by resilience in the face of adversity, including surviving multiple gunshot wounds, has been both inspiring and transformative. For more on his remarkable story, check out How Many Times Was 50 Cent Shot? Trivia Tuesdays.

Now, we turn to you: What’s your least favorite 50 Cent song, and why? Share your thoughts and engage more deeply with the enduring influence of this hip-hop icon.

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