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How many times was 50 cent shot?
50 Cent | Talmage Garn

A Brutal Encounter: The Turning Point in 50 Cent’s Life

How Many times was 50 Cent Shot? First, the setting. In the unforgiving hip-hop world, one name rings loud and clear: 50 Cent. Known for his gripping lyrics and steadfast presence, 50 Cent was a titan in the making. His journey to stardom, however, was marred by a harrowing incident on May 24, 2000. The setting: South Jamaica, Queens, right outside his grandmother’s house. The event? A brutal drive-by shooting, with bullets ringing loud and clear.

How Many times was 50 Cent Shot? The Drive-By Terror

As 50 Cent stood outside his grandmother’s house, a car swept by in a whirlwind of terror. A ruthless shooter within the car sprayed bullets in his direction. The aftermath was horrifying: 50 Cent hit nine times. His legs were broken in several spots, wounds on his arms, hands, face, and chest. The hip-hop artist was left fighting for his life.

The Road to Recovery: Rising from the Ashes

Barely escaping the clutches of death, 50 Cent spent the next 13 days in a hospital. Amidst the pain, he discovered his indomitable spirit. The shooting wasn’t the end of his journey but rather a pivotal point that forged him into the legend he would become.

The Dark Connections: Unmasking the Assailant

The face behind the gun was none other than Darryl “Hommo” Baum, a known associate of Kenny “Supreme” McGriff, the infamous Queens drug lord and convicted murderer. An unsettling revelation, adding a layer of complexity to an already chilling saga.

From Tragedy to Triumph: 50 Cent’s Indomitable Journey

Today, 50 Cent is a beacon of resilience, a testament to his unyielding will. His story is not of victimhood but of victory, a man who faced death and emerged victorious. He transformed his ordeal into an armor, an inspiration woven into his music and life. He would record timeless songs and a classic album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’. 50 Cent is heading on tour with a stop in Salt Lake City. Learn how you can win tickets.

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