Doja Cat’s “Paint the Town Red” Tops Spotify’s Rap Chart

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Doja Cat Blurs Genre Lines with Spotify’s Rap Hit “Paint the Town Red”

Doja Cat’s latest track, “Paint the Town Red,” has set the Spotify charts on fire, clinching the title of the most-streamed rap song of 2023. This RCA Records hit, amassing over 730 million streams since August, isn’t just a chart-topper — it’s a conversation starter. As it dominates the rap category on Spotify, the Recording Academy throws a curveball by nominating it for Best Pop Solo Performance in 2024. This genre-bending move by Doja Cat has fans and critics alike questioning: is “Paint the Town Red” rap, pop, or a unique fusion of both?

Yet, “Paint the Town Red” is at the heart of a genre identity crisis. Is it rap? Is it pop? This question isn’t just fan speculation; it’s echoed in the industry corridors. The Recording Academy, known for its definitive genre classifications, nominated the song for Best Pop Solo Performance in the 2024 awards. This nod seems to tilt the scale towards pop, yet the Spotify streaming numbers paint a different picture, showcasing its rap dominance.

Adding layers to this genre puzzle is Doja Cat’s versatility. Her track “Attention” also made waves, securing Best Melodic Rap Performance and Best Rap Song nominations. With over 105 million Spotify streams, “Attention” reaffirms Doja Cat’s firm footing in the rap scene. Both tracks are featured on Scarlet.

But here’s the million-dollar question: Is Doja Cat more rap or pop? The answer might be neither or both. Doja Cat doesn’t just operate within genres; she redefines them. Her ability to weave through rap and pop elements creates a unique musical tapestry that defies traditional classification.

Doja Cat’s “Paint the Town Red” dominates the charts and ignites a conversation about the fluidity of music genres. Whether you label it rap, pop, or something entirely new, there’s no denying its impact and Doja Cat’s role in reshaping the music landscape.

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