Doja Cat Unveils New Album, Scarlet

Doja Cat Scarlet album
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Doja Cat’s Scarlet: A Deep Dive into the Album’s Essence

In June, Doja Cat introduced her fans to a fresh musical phase with “Attention.” This song, characterized by its mellow rap and enchanting harp sample, marked a significant shift from her previous chart-toppers like “Kiss Me More” and “Say So.” The accompanying music video for “Attention” showcased Doja’s alter ego, Scarlet, navigating the streets covered in blood, symbolizing a raw and unfiltered version of the artist. This bold move aligned with Doja’s earlier critique of her albums Planet Her and Hot Pink, which she labeled “mediocre pop.” Watch the official music video for “Attention”:

Diverse Musical Influences

Scarlet is a testament to Doja Cat’s versatility. While the album touches on themes of obsessive fans and the artist’s luxurious lifestyle, it’s not just about confrontations. The 17-track record is a blend of boom-bap hip-hop, ethereal jazz rhythms, and nostalgic ’90s R&B. Doja Cat may have moved away from her pop-centric sound, but she hasn’t confined herself to a single genre. Instead, she showcases her multifaceted talent as a rapper, singer, critic, and romantic.

Sampling: A Nod to the Classics

Doja Cat’s Scarlet features a few carefully chosen samples. One of the standout samples is from Dionne Warwick’s 1964 classic “Walk on By.” In “Paint the Town Red,” Doja Cat transforms Warwick’s melancholic tune into a powerful anthem, intertwining Warwick’s vocals with her own assertive verses. Other notable samples include loops from Luke of 2 Live Crew’s “Come On” in “Ouchies,” Troop’s “All I Do Is Think of You” in “Agora Hills,” and the chorus of 10cc’s “I’m Not in Love” in “Shutcho.” The album also pays homage to hip-hop legends by sampling The Honey Drippers’ “Impeach the President” in the track “Can’t Wait.” Watch the new video for “Agora Hills:”

Behind the Production

Doja Cat has always been vocal about her appreciation for her production team. She recently clarified on social media that while she’s credited for the beats on her album, she didn’t personally craft them. Though devoid of guest artists, the album boasts a bevy of producers. Notable names include Yeti Beats, Rogét Chahayed, Kurtis McKenzie, Jasper Harris, Mayer Hawthorne, Scribz Riley, and Ben Nartey.

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