Questlove Critiques Post Malone’s Super Bowl

Questlove and Post Malone
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Questlove Drops the Beat on Post’s Performance

Questlove, the renowned drummer, DJ, and music historian, recently gave his two cents on Post Malone’s rendition of “America the Beautiful” at the Super Bowl. His comments sparked a conversation about authenticity and adaptability in the music industry. Look at Post Malone and beyond.

The Art of Code-Switching

Questlove didn’t hold back in his critique, labeling Post Malone’s performance as one of the “best finesse moves ever.” He likened it to a scene from The Usual Suspects, implying that Post executed a strategic pivot.

That was Usual Suspects level code switchin’; he now has his new pivot. I can’t believe we didn’t see this comin’. Aight, lemme stop.

Questlove remarked. This observation raises an intriguing point about artists’ identities’ fluidity and ability to navigate different cultural and musical landscapes.

Staying True to Hip-Hop?

The big question that arises from Questlove’s comments is whether Post Malone is moving away from hip-hop. It’s a complex issue. On one hand, artists evolve, exploring new sounds and expressions. On the other, fans and critics often expect consistency in an artist’s identity and sound. Post Malone, known for blending genres, has never fit neatly into a single category. His ability to cross musical boundaries is part of what has made him a standout artist. Watch Post Malone’s performance to decide for yourself:


In the world of hip-hop, authenticity is a prized commodity. The genre, rooted in the expression of real-life experiences and social commentary, values staying true to one’s origins and messages. Code-switching, or the act of shifting how one presents themselves in different contexts, isn’t inherently negative. It can be a survival mechanism or a strategic move. However, when it comes to music, especially in genres deeply connected to specific cultural identities like hip-hop, such shifts can prompt discussions about authenticity. Read the entire interview at Atlanta Blackstar. 

Check out Questlove’s excellent book Music Is History (paid link), where he discusses these topics at length.


Final Thoughts

Did Post Malone abandon hip-hop? It’s not a simple yes or no answer. Artists are continually evolving, and their musical explorations can take them in various directions. Post Malone’s journey is a testament to the ever-changing landscape of the music industry, where genre lines are increasingly blurred.

Questlove’s observation is a reminder to keep an open mind about artists’ growth and transformations. Whether or not one agrees with his assessment, it sparks an important conversation about authenticity, evolution, and the nature of musical expression in today’s world.

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