SZA: The Unexpected Blessing of Losing ‘Consideration’

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SZA: From “Consideration” to CTRL

SZA’s Early Challenges with Rihanna’s ‘Anti’

Before SZA became a Spotify sensation in 2023, she faced a pivotal moment in her career. She had to relinquish her song “Consideration” to Rihanna, a more prominent artist then. This song later became a part of Rihanna’s acclaimed 2016 album, Anti. Initially, this decision was a tough one for SZA.

Reflecting on this period, SZA said in a Variety interview, “I cared so much. I was so, just, frustrated. And I felt like, ‘I’ll never have anything this cool again.’ I’ll never make anything this cool again, and that was so crazy and so wrong.”

The Making of “Consideration” and “Ctrl”

SZA had originally intended “Consideration” for her 2017 album, Ctrl, a project that showcased her unique artistry. Discover the ranking of songs on SZA’s Ctrl here. She even prepared a music video for “Consideration.” However, shortly before its release, Rihanna expressed interest in the song for Anti, and the deal was finalized without SZA’s input. “It was already done,” SZA recalled. “Whatever the conversation, label-wise, was already done. It was just a matter of accepting.”

The Unexpected Benefits of Collaboration

Despite her initial reluctance, “Consideration” opened Anti as its first track, featuring SZA’s vocals. Though initially frustrating, this collaboration proved to boost SZA’s career significantly. The R&B artist would go on to create some of the most memorable songs.

“Now I’m so glad that that happened, and that it didn’t cost me anything,” SZA remarked. “If anything, I gained a bunch from it. And I thank God that I made cool music outside of that. I don’t know why I just really thought my creativity would just stop, and this was the pinnacle of what I could make.” Listen to “Consideration” below:

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SZA: Continued Success and Future Projects

SZA’s Upcoming Ventures

SZA’s journey didn’t stop with Anti. She continued to evolve as an artist, leading to exciting new projects. Fans can look forward to the release of SOS Deluxe with 10 new songs, a testament to her ever-growing discography. Learn more about SZA’s SOS Deluxe release.

Collaborations and New Horizons

SZA’s ability to collaborate with other artists has also been a career highlight. Her recent work with Justin Bieber on the “Snooze” music video perfectly exemplifies her versatility and willingness to explore new musical territories. Watch SZA and Justin Bieber’s collaboration on “Snooze”.

SZA’s experience with “Consideration” and her subsequent projects illustrate the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the music industry. Her story is a powerful reminder of the resilience required in the creative world and the unexpected opportunities that can arise from challenging situations. Watch the full interview below:


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