Verity is a Locally Owned and Operated E-Sports team that hosts and competes in Tournaments around Utah and the world.  Verity has athletes in Utah, Canada, Asia, and Europe!  With the future of E-Sports widely impacting our community, Verity is leading the way in inclusion and diversity spreading opportunities to many near and far.  A big challenge of Verity is overcoming an old mindset of video games being a bad or lazy activity but that is the furthest thing from the truth.

All across the world, E-Sports teams are competing for hundreds of thousands and at times, millions of dollars which is changing lives. Putting the old mindset of having to be a doctor or a lawyer to be financially well off to bed.  E-Sports Athletes are slowly becoming the new rockstars. A lot of kids are fighting bullying by attending these E-Sports Tournaments.  Balancing competitive gaming and mental health is a priority with Verity and many other E-Sports Teams.


Team Name: Verity ESports

Location: Provo, Utah

(Q) What is Verity?

(A)  Verity Esports was founded in 2021 in hopes of bringing diversity into a new generation of esports. We bring a range of talented editors, competitive players and content creators. Verity is here to change the way esports is done. Verity is more than just an esports team, we are a lifestyle brand that brings you high-quality clothing that have a meaning and truth. Our founder Medixhi wanted to bring you a team that no matter who you are or what your background is, he wanted to make sure you knew you were part of our family, the Verity family.

(Q) Are professional E-Sports healthy for kids?

(A) Absolutely! Studies have shown there are a lot of benefits when it comes to gaming – esports. You learn skills like teamwork since communication is such a key factor when playing with your team. There are even opportunities for students now that are interested in the esports field to get college scholarships for esports! It improves brain function since gaming is like a mental workout.

(Q) Where do you see Verity in the next 5 Years?

(A) Our main goal was to help others and give opportunities to others and we are grateful we got the chance to provide that for some and we can’t wait to grow more to provide a lot of opportunities in the next 5 years. I also see Verity Esports competing with the highest esports organizations in the world. We have a goal and we have a plan and a great management team and a great competitive roster and I think that is extremely important when you’re on the road to success.

(Q) What games do Verity compete in and where can we upcoming tournaments?

(A) Verity currently competes in Fortnite and League of Legends. We have our Fortnite athletes competing in the upcoming Cash Cup Fortnite tournament on the 9th of January some of them are also streaming it on twitch as well on the 9th of January our League of Legends team also competes in Proving Grounds Circuit Qualifiers which is something I am extremely excited about. Verity also hosts tournaments and we are doing a Warzone tournament with one of our Local Streamers that goes by the name Gaming with Heidy and a few more down the road that we are super excited to host.

(Q) What’s the biggest misconception in E-Sports?

(A) The biggest misconception is that people rather play videos than socialize with others but gaming is one of the best forms of socializing with friends in 2022. There are people that even make long-lasting friendships from video games. You can also make a living from video games now. Ninja is a prime example of that and 1,000’s of other streamers and competitive esports players.



Owner – Medixhi ( Cristian Orellana )  @medixhi on all socials

Brand Ambassador – Maikon @maikon801801 on twitter @maikon801 on instagram

General Manager – Vsav – @_vsav on instagram on and its_vinnyy on twitter

Verity Academy General Manager – Chandler – chandlergwilliam on instagram and @Scrarcs on on twitter

League of Legends General Manager – Thad  – @ImThadreus on twitter

Producer – Brand Design Angel Da Vinci – @itsangeldavinci on instagram

Facebook Streamer – Facebook page – Gaming With Heidy 

Twitch Streamer – Panda – @VE_Panda_ on twitter

Twitch Streamer – Gaijin – gage_gaijin on twitch

Twitch Streamer – Jiraiyaboy –  jiraiyaboyyyy on twitch

Twitch Streamer – Carnitas – ve_carnitas on twitch

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