HMTWN HERO | Utah Teen Delivers Baby After Taking High School Child Development Classes

16-year-old Weber High School student, Morlie Hayes, was in for a surprise when her aunt, Laura Creager, suddenly went into labor. However, she knew she couldn’t panic, saying, “I can’t freak out cause once I freak out my aunt is going to freak out.”

As they were 30 minutes away from the nearest hospital, Laura knew they wouldn’t make it. But Morlie said that because of what she learned in her child development classes a week earlier, she felt prepared to handle the situation. She said, “I just zoned in and was like this baby is coming, I know what to do. I just was ready and had to mentally prepare myself for it.” And prepared she was — just a few minutes later, Kayla Kreager was successfully born into the world.

When she emerged, Morlie made sure that the umbilical cord was not wrapper around her neck and that her color was normal. When paramedics arrived, she was already cleaning baby Kayla.

Because of Morlie’s ability to stay calm under pressure, baby Kayla is happy and healthy. “To be able to catch her and have that special bond, to me it’s tender. I don’t know I am just going to be attached to that baby forever,” Morlie said.

‘Faith’ is now Kayla’s middle name because “We needed so much faith to get through this,” Creager said.


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