Sara and Suzy: Take On Trivia Night


So Sara and I took on trivia night a the Green Pig but!!! Let me tell ya, we didn’t know what we were getting into…

Sara here: Yes, this is true. We unexpectedly entered a game of Trivia Night when we decided to go to the Green Pig for dinner. It was a lot  fun! It was definitely an experience that was worth trying!

I just wanted dinner and some booze but got trivia, BUT, that was fine! I ended up enjoying my self quite a lot! If you have never been to a trivia night at a bar Sara will tell you how it goes…

Now back to Sara: So for those of you that want to know how Trivia night works I’ve got some of your answers. The first thing is to check with your favorite local bar and see if they have a trivia night. My suggestion for the simplest way to find out is to just Google it. But if you are too lazy to Google it, just go to The Green Pig on Wednesday nights at 7pm. The next step is to make sure you have an awesome team! (Seriously, get smart people) I suggest that you have 4 people to your team. 

Sara and I just had us and we kicked some major a$$!!! #MurderedIt

Okay Suzy, back to me: (Sorry guys, she’s had a little to drink) Once you get your team, all you do is pick up a booklet that they will provide from the Trivia lady…. wait was was her name again?? Eve?? We’ll just call her Eve. Take a pen too! They go fast around there.

Yeah don’t forge the pen. I almost had to be that guy, i mean lady, that stole the pen from the bar…

Yes, that almost happened… So once you get your team, your booklet, and you’re at a table, you will start the game. There are 20 questions, including bonus questions if you can guess the Artist of the song that Eve plays.

We owned this!!!!! Except that 60’s ish….

Yeah… we didn’t do well on the older stuff. But back to trivia. There are 20 questions, and they can vary from anything like movies, sports, math, science, and any other random shiiiizzz that you can think of.

I suggest you dig out that high school book you never returned and just read it. Or just skim it like in high school… duh

Once Eve asks the question you have the remainder of the bonus song to write down your answers and run it up to her without tripping over everyone else.

I was the runner, i suggest you get an extra shot because you’re going to run it off with this duty….

After the first 10 questions, Eve will add up the scores and let us know who is in the lead (note, we actually weren’t in last place) then once that is done, you get a 10 or 15 minute break to relax or relieve yourself.

Thank god, because i had to pee like a MF race horse!!!!

After half time is over, you’ll continue on with the second half of the trivia, and boy can you feel the tension from all the teams to do well.

Sara and I were still owning face! Like there was a Kriss Kross question….. yeah…. we owned it!… duh

Once you complete the 20 questions, Eve will then tally up the final scores and let your team know how many points you have. Once she distributes them, you then have one final bonus round. BUT in this bonus round you have to wager some of your points off. So if you are in last place, you still have a chance to win.

So you know Sara and I went in real big style….. ALL IN OR NOTHING!!!!!

Yes it is true, we wagered ALL of our points. The final bonus question you needed to get 3 out of 4 phrases correct…. That was a joke.

We got 1 out of 4.

We lost all out points

So we had 0 points

Then End

Not completely the end. Just know, we weren’t the only team to end with only zero points. Most of them ended like that. Because you only win big, if you bet big! Overall, I think that’s actually what made it fun. No one was mean to each other, we all were there just to have fun. It was the first time in a long time Suzy and I actually experienced good quality fun in a competitive  environment.

Yes, no one judged me when I yelled out loud when we would get correct answers. People actually cheered for us…. I am definitely recommending this to everyone who is 21 or older 🙂

You wont regret it 😉

-Sara and Suzy




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