Maxo Kream & That Mexican OT Collaborate


Maxo Kream & That Mexican OT Celebrate Texas Roots in “Talkin In Screw”

Maxo Kream set the music scene alight in 2024, dropping tracks showcasing his versatility and deep Texas roots. Teaming up with That Mexican OT, the duo’s latest track, “Talkin In Screw,” is a head-nodding homage to the iconic chopped and screwed style, a staple of Southern hip-hop. Listen below.

Listen to That Mexican OT’s song with ZaZilla, the Glendale, UT rapper.


A Year of Bangers

It’s been a busy year for Maxo Kream. Kicking things off with the provocative “Bang The Bus,” in collaboration with underground sensation evilgiane, Maxo made it clear he was here to push boundaries. Following up with the deeply personal “No Then You A H*e,” he touched on themes of masculinity and resilience, dedicating the track to his late father. Both singles have solidified Maxo’s reputation as a rapper and a storyteller who can connect personally.


“Talkin In Screw”: A Nod to the South

“Talkin In Screw” stands out as a departure from the emotional depth of “No Then You A He.” Instead, Maxo and OT dive deep into the trap genre, infusing it with the distinctive slow tempo and chopped techniques of chopped and screwed music. The track serves as both a tribute to the sound that shaped them and a response to detractors, with lyrics that cleverly play on the concept of “screw” as a metaphor for criticism. Maxo’s chorus, “Make a n*** slow his roll like he talkin’ in Screw,” perfectly encapsulates the track’s dual message of homage and defiance.


Collaboration and Chemistry

Having previously worked together on OT’s “Lonestar Luchador,” the chemistry between Maxo Kream and That Mexican OT is undeniable. Their shared Texas heritage and appreciation for its musical legacy are evident throughout “Talkin In Screw,” making the track a must-listen for fans of Southern hip-hop and those looking to explore the genre’s roots.

As 2024 continues to unfold, Maxo Kream’s journey is one to watch closely. With each release, he further cements his position in the hip-hop world, not just as a rapper but as an artist unafraid to explore and pay respect to his influences.

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