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Weekly Beat | Talmage Garn


Here are the hip-hop highlights from 92.5 The Beat. From unforgettable classics to the hottest new tracks, we’ve got a smorgasbord of hip-hop insights just for you.

The Utah Renaissance: A Davenchy Masterpiece

Utah’s very own David Davenchy is leading a renaissance, painting the state with his vibrant musical hues. Dive into the full story and witness the artistry.

Zac Ivie: More Than Just Beats

Zac Ivie’s music is a blend of farm roots, boxing, and family. Get a raw, unfiltered look at his journey on Rawk the Mic.

Pushing Boundaries: The Utah Artist

There’s an artist in Utah who’s redefining limits. Curious? Discover the limitless talent that’s making waves.

Juvenile’s 400 Degreez: A Hip Hop Revolution

Relive the revolution Juvenile brought to hip hop with 400 Degreez. A game-changer, indeed.

Janelle Monáe: Authenticity Amidst Thirst

Janelle Monáe’s fearless journey of self-expression is turning heads, especially amidst some very thirsty tweets. Dive into her bold embrace of authenticity.

Lauryn Hill & The Fugees: 25 Years of Musical Magic

Join the musical reunion of Lauryn Hill and The Fugees as they celebrate 25 years of ‘The Miseducation’. Relive the classics and witness a unique musical reunion.

Ludacris: Savoring the Flavor of Collaborations

From Usher to Missy Elliott, Ludacris has given us some iconic collaborations. Sip on the flavorful journey of Ludacris’ collaboration songs.

Juicy J: A Hip-Hop Odyssey

From Memphis to Three 6 Mafia and beyond, Juicy J’s discography is a testament to hip-hop’s evolution. Embark on this musical journey through hip-hop history.

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Weekly Radio Rundown: Stations Spill the Beans

Ah, dear readers, another week, another delightful dive into the world of radio. Let’s see what our fellow stations have been up to, shall we?

Mix 105.1 Utah

  • Katy Perry’s Roaring Hits: Ever wondered about the roaring journey of Katy Perry’s top hits? Well, wonder no more. Dive deep into her chart-toppers and maybe find a new favorite.
  • A Chat with Idina: Jon & Chantel had a heart-to-heart with Idina Menzel. Spoiler: No snow queens were harmed in the making of this interview.
  • Salt-N-Pepa’s Friendship Recipe: Ever wondered how Salt-N-Pepa keeps their bond so spicy? Discover the secrets to their lasting success.
  • Hyped Films That Flopped: Ah, the sweet taste of disappointment. Here’s a list of 12 films that failed to deliver on their promises.
  • Taylor’s New Spin: Taylor Swift gives a fresh spin on “Look What You Made Me Do“. Listen and let us know if it’s a hit or miss.
  • Charli XCX’s Dazzling Visuals: Charli XCX releases a dazzling visual for Speed Drive from the Barbie movie. Because who doesn’t want to see a pop star in plastic?


100.7 & 105.5 BOB FM

  • Guns N’ Roses’ Fresh Release: The iconic band unveils a fresh track titled “Perhaps.” Dive into the legacy of Chinese Democracy and the challenges of digital music.

That’s your weekly dose of The Beat, folks. Stay tuned, stay hip, and remember, the beat goes on.

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