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Weekly Beat – 92.5’s Rundown of the Latest Hip-Hop News & Culture


We are again rolling out another week of hip-hop highlights from our beloved 92.5 The Beat. From unforgettable classics to the hottest new tracks, we’ve got a smorgasbord of hip-hop insights just for you. So, please put on your most comfortable headphones.

Glock, Locked, and Two Smoking Reviews

First, we’ve got a critical look at Key Glock’s Glockoma 2 Deluxe. This album slaps so hard it could leave a mark. Our analysts have dissected the album with the precision of a lyrical surgeon. Hold your seats as we explore the album’s intricate beats and Key Glock’s audacious wordplay.

The Gridiron Grooves of Jaquinden Jackson

Next, we explore the harmonic intersection of hip-hop and football as we delve into the story of Jaquinden Jackson’s love for rapper Latto. Discover how the world of spiraling pigskins collides with the explosive beats of the rap industry in this thrilling tale.

The Playboi Carti Chronicles

Our journey continues with a visit to the unforgettable influences of Playboi Carti’s Die Lit and a definitive ranking of Carti’s best tracks. We dig into the reverberating impact of Die Lit and dissect the genius behind Carti’s earworms. As always, approach with caution. These songs might get stuck in your head.

Rocky’s Loaded Lunge

There’s no hip-hop without a little drama, right? We’re spilling the tea on A$AP Rocky’s lyrically loaded lunge at Travis Scott. Duck for cover as we examine the verbal volley causing waves in hip-hop. We’re all here for the music, but a little lyrical beef never hurts.

Journey to Memphis with Juicy J

Put on your traveling shoes, folks, as we’re headed to Memphis and beyond, courtesy of Juicy J’s iconic songs. From the vibrant streets of Memphis to the international stages, we trace the path of this hip-hop luminary through his music.

The Utopian Unveiling

Our ears are still buzzing from the grand unveiling of Travis Scott’s Utopia. Buckle up for a sonic exploration of Scott’s latest masterpiece. As it turns out, Utopia sounds a lot like sick beats and rhymes that make your heart race.

Stirring up Jealousy

The hip-hop power couple is back at it! Cardi B and Offset are stirring up jealousy with their new track, and we’re loving every minute of it. Get your first taste of this envy-inducing tune right here.

The Golden Oldies

Lastly, we take a trip down memory lane with 9 classic hip-hop albums from the good ol’ days. This is the kind of nostalgia that makes your boombox heartbeat. Join us for a journey through the hip-hop archives.


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Weekly Radio Roundup: The Sound Waves of the Airwaves

Hello, music lovers! It’s your favorite radio station head here, ready to serve up a fresh batch of the week’s highlights from our fellow stations.

Mix 1051 Utah

First, Mix 1051 Utah has been serving up some seriously spicy content this week.

  1. The Beyoncé Renaissance: Behind the Scenes: Queen B is back and more radiant than ever. This article gives us a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes of her latest photoshoot, and let me tell you, it’s a visual feast!
  2. The Five Most Valuable Music Catalogs: Ever wondered who’s sitting on a gold mine of music? This article lists the top five most valuable music catalogs, and some of the names might surprise you!
  3. Kylie Jenner’s Cosmetic Confession: In a candid revelation, Kylie Jenner admits to getting breast implants at 19. It’s a reminder that even celebrities have insecurities and seek to change their appearances.
  4. Camila Cabello’s Tropical Escape: Camila Cabello is making waves with her new clothing line, inspired by tropical vibes. It’s a sartorial vacation we all need!

100.7 Bob FM

Next, we tune into 100.7 Bob FM, where the nostalgia is strong, and the music is timeless.

  1. Rick James’ Super Hits: From “Super Freak” to “Ebony Eyes,” this article takes us on a groovy journey through Rick James’ best hits. It’s a funky trip down memory lane!
  2. Prince Trivia: Did you know that Prince was only 5’3″? This and other fun facts await you in this trivia-filled article about the Purple One.
  3. The Cars’ Top Tracks: Buckle up for a ride through The Cars’ best songs. From “Drive” to “Just What I Needed,” it’s a road trip of rock and roll!


Finally, we have X96, the station that’s all about alternative rock and punk vibes.

  1. The Evolution of Alternative Rock: This article takes us on a journey through the evolution of alternative rock, from its noisy beginnings to its angst-ridden maturity. It’s a must-read for any alt-rock fan!
  2. Alkaline Trio’s Discography: From “Goddamnit” to “Is This Thing Cursed?” this article explores the discography of the punk band Alkaline Trio. It’s a deep dive into their music and impact on the punk rock scene.
  3. Weezer’s Scorching Playlist: From “Buddy Holly” to “Island in the Sun,” this article lists the best Weezer songs that have defined their career. It’s a playlist that’s sure to set your heart on fire!

That’s all for this week’s roundup. Remember, music is the soundtrack of our lives, so keep those tunes playing and those vibes flowing. Until next time, stay tuned to 92.5 The Beat.

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