Key Glock: Glockoma 2 (Deluxe) – A Critical Examination

Key Glock
Key Glock | Talmage Garn

Key Glock’s Glockoma 2: A Symphony of Pain, Persistence, and Tribute

Key Glock released the Deluxe version of the acclaimed Glockoma 2. The album features several new tracks that aren’t just throwaways. “Sucker Free” would be a strong introduction to any album. And the hypnotizing beat on “No Hook” is a great addition to Glock’s discography.


The Impact of Young Dolph’s Loss on Key Glock

Glockoma 2, the deluxe edition, maintains a clear focus while subtly acknowledging the profound loss of his mentor, Young Dolph. The sudden passing of Young Dolph in 2021 was a significant setback for Key Glock. Not only did he lose a valued artistic partner but also a family connection and the most influential figure in his career.



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However, Glock chose not to create an overly glorified tribute. Instead, he honors Dolph’s memory by persevering in his work, embodying the quintessential workaholic who finds solace in his craft. The expanded deluxe edition of Glockoma 2 continues to showcase Glock’s trademark Southern hustle music, revealing his growth and determination. True to tradition, the album features no guest appearances or radio-friendly remixes, only pure and unfiltered lyrics.

Glock’s self-reliance pays homage to the Memphis rap tradition, a genre that has always operated on its terms. He not only represents his hometown in his business approach but also in his production. Producer Bandplay maintains a classic Memphis underground sound characterized by heavy bass kicks and powerful claps while infusing samples that bring a fresh element to Glock’s recognized style. Glockoma 2 exudes a vintage charm that echoes the city’s rich heritage of rhythm and blues.

Whether it’s the sparkling strings on “2 for 1” or the blues-infused guitar on “From Nothing,” the album captures the essence of Memphis. Glock’s agility is particularly evident on these retro tracks, like the turntablist-inspired “In & Outta Town,” which Bandplay builds upon with a beeping alarm.

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