92.5’s Favorite Tracks | 2023

2023’s Unforgettable Tracks: 92.5’s Top Picks

Alright, let’s cut to the chase. 2023 has been… well, it’s been a year. In the midst of all the chaos, hip-hop has been our trusty escape pod, blasting us off to a universe where at least the beats are nice.

Remember when Killer Mike teamed up with Andre’ 3000 and Future in “Scientists & Engineers”? That track wasn’t just a song but a lifeline in a sea of mediocrity. And let’s not forget about Minute After 8 and SpitFire turning Utah’s hip-hop scene upside down with “Me The Whole Time.” Who knew Utah had it in them?

Then there was Cordae, dropping “Make Up Your Mind” and making us all question our life choices. Seriously, Cordae, we’re trying to chill here, not have an existential crisis. And can we talk about Young Nudy’s “Okra” from Gumbo? Because nothing says 2023 like rapping about veggies.

So, as we navigate the weird, wild world of 2023, let’s take a moment to appreciate the tracks that got us through. From Key Glock’s “Pop My Shit” to Little Simz’s “Gorilla,” these are the songs that made us nod our heads. Buckle up, folks. We’re about to dive into the soundtrack of 2023, and it’s as eclectic and unpredictable as the year itself.

Dre Rawka’s Favorites

“Me The Whole Time”

Artist: Minute After 8 ft. SpitFire

Album: Right On Time

  • This record is incredibly important for the identity of Utah Hip-Hop.  The production is super clean, beat knocks and SpitFire let’s the audience in on a very vulnerable subject.  Hopefully we hear more from Minute After 8 and SpitFire.

“Scientists & Engineers”

Artist: Killer Mike ft. Andre’ 3000, Future, Eryn Allen Kane

Album: Michael

  • This is Album of the year without a doubt and to hear three-Stacks back on them south beats that KNOCK, good golly!


Artist: K Tha Dawg

Album: Sir Modiis

  • When you have artist that show they can spit, and truly SPIT!  Almost as if they needed to vent, that’s what we got on this record.  “Give me the heat” fits the vibe on this record, no shying away from the truth here. Learn more about K Tha Dawg.

“Ohhh Myyy”

Artist: ZaZilla ft. That Mexican OT


  • This record is 100% a vibe.  That Mexican OT coming off a HUGE year and Zazilla warming up, this made for a perfect combination.  Read ZaZilla is a Vibe.

“Make Up Your Mind”

Artist: Cordae


  • A different sound from Cordae with this single and I love it a lot.  Giving a high Saturday morning vibe with a hint of Anderson Paak flavor.  Would love to see a Silk Sonic remix.

Talmage’s Favorites

“Pop My Shit”

Artist: Key Glock

Album: Glockoma 2

  • Key Glock’s “Pop My Shit” is a bold declaration of self-assurance and swagger. Check out more songs from Glockoma 2.

“Essence Fest”

Artist: Curren$y and Jermaine Dupri

Album: For Motivational Use Only, Vol 1

  • Curren$y and Jermaine Dupri bring a motivational masterpiece with “Essence Fest.” The track combines smooth flows with inspiring lyrics, making it a perfect motivational anthem.

“Never Had A Friend”

Artist: Boldy James

Album: Indiana Jones

  • Known for bleak block bars with a monotone delivery, the Detroit rapper ventures from his usual soul sample beats to something more modern and nostalgic at the same. Produced by RichGains.


Artist: Yokai Jam, Pink Siifu, Monday Night


  • “HEAVYWEIGHT” is a collaboration that packs a punch. Yokai Jam, Pink Siifu, and Monday Night come together to deliver a track that’s as powerful as it is profound.


Artist: Young Nudy

Album: Gumbo

  • A food-related concept album has been done before, but never like Gumbo. 

“Thank Me”

Artist: Gucci Mane, Young Dolph

Album: Breath of Fresh Air

  • “Thank Me” represents a return to form from Gucci and another great verse from the late great Young Dolph.


Artist: Chris Crack, U-Warrior


“Ron Artest”

Artist: Babyface Ray, 42 Dugg


Hear what Flo Milli sounds like on the same beat.

“White Caprice”

Artist: Kari Faux and Gangsta Boo



Artist: Little Simz



Artist: BbyMutha, Zeelooperz


“Bobby Boucher”

Artist: EARTHGANG, Spillage Village, Benji


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